Speed Factory & Dyno has a dyno which is available for rental on nights and weekends. We have a Dynojet 424x four-wheel drive dyno that has full air/fuel ratio logging capability.

- Dynojet 424x Dyno - Latest Model

- Two- or Four-wheel Drive Capability

- Full Air/Fuel Logging Capability

- We can Video & Photograph your Dyno Runs!

Any Car, Truck, Muscle Car, Import or Drag Car can be Dyno Tested! Single Vehicle Tests or Full Dyno Rentals. We specialize in evening and weekend testing! No time off work!

Single Vehicle Dyno Test - 3 Runs $150

(Pricing as of July 17, 2009)

Our typical dyno time consists of three-pull runs for $150. This includes three printed graphs of your vehicle’s power and torque curves, with air/fuel ratio logging, and the session takes about one hour. These are dyno runs only with 5-8 minutes of cool-down allocated between runs. No mechanical or programming adjustments can be made. Dyno runs will be photographed and filmed and video will be posted on the web at your option. If you are interested in additional runs or in making tuning adjustments on your own vehicle, it is $50 per additional half hour.

Dyno Rental - $150 for the 1st  Hour, $100/Hour each Additional Hour

(Pricing as of July 17, 2009)

If you are interested in doing your own tuning and testing, the Dynojet 424x is available for full and half day rentals, either for two- or four-wheel drive vehicles. Rental permits your use of the dyno and air/fuel meter for half-day (four) or full-day (eight) hours. This includes an Operator for the dyno, and must be scheduled. You can schedule the dyno by the hour and for half day sessions on evenings from 4-8 pm, and hourly, half-day, and full-day sessions on the weekends.

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